Loleen Berdahl
Senior Fellow



Loleen Berdahl (PhD Calgary) is a Professor of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan.  Her current research explores science and expertise in policy making; additional research interests include Canadian federalism and regionalism, public policy, and public opinion.

The journals in which she has published include Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Regional and Federal Studies, and the Canadian Journal of Political Science, and she is the coauthor of Looking West: Regional Transformation and the Future of Canada (University of Toronto Press, 2014, with Roger Gibbins) and Explorations: Conducting Empirical Research in Canadian Political Science, Third Edition (Oxford University Press, 2015, with Keith Archer).

Loleen is the Project Leader for the Survey and Group Analysis Laboratory (SGAL) at the University of Saskatchewan’s Social Sciences Research Laboratories, andrecipient of the 2012 University of Saskatchewan Provost’s Award for Outstanding New Teacher, the 2014 University of Saskatchewan Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching in the College of Arts and Science, Division of Social Science, and the 2014-2015 College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award, Division of Social Sciences.

Loleen is a member of the Canadian Political Science Association Board of Directors (2014-2016).

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