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British Columbia Budget 2016: What it should have

British Columbia delivers its 2016 budget on February 16. As with any government, the overarching objectives are simple: to provide great public services, delivering value for every tax dollar spent; fostering an economic environment that encourages growth in high-quality jobs; and, maintaining the fiscal discipline to ensure future generations are not burdened with debt. The

This time, the West will see
a much different Trudeau

To paraphrase a prime minister on the night of his unexpected election victory in 1980, welcome to the 20-teens. The West woke up this morning to find that change-hungry voters have handed a solid majority to the Liberals. It includes almost every region of the country, except the four western provinces. A look at the

Dutch ruling draws courts into climate change debate

Canadians who are concerned about courts sticking their noses into public policy might raise an eyebrow after a recent ruling in the Netherlands, where the government was legally required to increase its efforts to curb climate change. In an unprecedented ruling, a sustainability organization – the Urgenda Foundation – and 900 citizens of the Netherlands

B.C. sets climate change model for the West

The public debate in Canada around carbon emissions and climate change has taken a significant turn. The question has moved from whether we should do something about reducing emissions to how we should do it. Canadian provinces are making significant efforts on the climate change file as we approach this fall’s 2015 United Nations Convention

North America needs a unifying vision

The recent reports that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has backed out of the annual North American leaders’ summit – aka the Three Amigos Summit – marks a low point in North American relations, perhaps even lower than the acrimonious days of Pierre Trudeau and Richard Nixon. Ottawa claims the postponement isn’t a big deal since