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Investment in infrastructure is Canada’s economic health-care program

It is well established that sustained investment in public infrastructure brings results—enhanced economic productivity, higher competitiveness, and therefore, better rates of economic growth. And, it is this economic growth that generates revenue for governments with which to fund Canada’s globally-envied health care, education, and social safety nets.  Hence, our quality of life in this country.

2012 Summit

Canada’s first ever National Infrastructure Summit (NIS), hosted by the City of Regina in January 2011, was unique in many ways. One reason is that the conference gathered such a wide spectrum of participants from the private, non-profit, and public sectors. The summit attracted hundreds of delegates, representing diverse industries such as engineering, architecture, construction, and finance. Academics,

Dealing With “Dirty Dirt” (Part II)

The benefits of urban brownfield development are numerous and significant, breathing new life into old neighbourhoods, increasing local property values and land productivity, and mitigating sprawl. There is also a strong infrastructure connection. Brownfields sit upon an existing network of roads, sidewalks, lighting, water mains, and wastewater lines that is not being fully utilized. Brownfield

Building a Better Road

Rural towns in the West are sleepy little affairs, and the small southern Alberta town in which I grew up is no different. There were, however, two occasions when the local hum-drum was broken, and believe it or not, both brouhahas involved infrastructure. The first was whether a new sportsplex arena should be built to