Time is ticking on getting a new Softwood Lumber Agreement

President Obama’s address to the House of Commons on Thursday touted the benefits of free trade and the co-operative relationship between the U.S. and Canada. While many of his remarks received thunderous applause, his silence on a major trade dispute that has been flaring up between the two neighbours for centuries was just as deafening. It was

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Softwood pact’s end makes TPP participation essential

Canada’s softwood lumber exporters are hoping the new federal government will negotiate another Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) with the U.S. to replace the recently expired deal – and fast. But so too should we be imploring Ottawa to commit to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). Without the security blanket of managed trade with the U.S.

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The Canada-US Softwood Lumber Agreement expires on Oct. 12, 2015.

The Softwood Lumber Agreement expires in four days.
Here’s what you need to know

On October 12, the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement expires without a replacement. What does this mean for western Canadian softwood exporters? Managed trade with the U.S. is over On the plus side, the end of the SLA means Canadian softwood lumber exporters will no longer be subject to the SLA export charge that ranges from

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Video: Preparing for life without a Softwood Lumber Agreement

On Sept. 2, the Canada West Foundation released Branching Out: Preparing for life without a Softwood Lumber Agreement. In this video, I explain why the SLA matters for Canada’s softwood lumber industry and why without one, Canada is vulnerable to tariffs from a protectionist U.S. industry. I welcome your comments and feedback on the report.

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