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Basic income idea wins backing of Alberta mayors

Sen. Art Eggleton came to Calgary recently seeking to build support for a basic income pilot project. Basic income, also known as a guaranteed annual income, would ensure Canadians have enough income to meet basic needs and avoid the stigma associated with receiving welfare. Eggleton told an audience of about 150 at Calgary’s Central Public

Governments slow to act on Vancouver’s housing bubble

In the past six years, the value of single-family homes in Vancouver has risen 75 per cent—to an average of $1.9 million. The housing price has jumped 37 per cent since May 2015, alone. Yet, the median household income during that period has hardly changed. Meanwhile, the personal debt level of Canadians is at record

This time, the West will see
a much different Trudeau

To paraphrase a prime minister on the night of his unexpected election victory in 1980, welcome to the 20-teens. The West woke up this morning to find that change-hungry voters have handed a solid majority to the Liberals. It includes almost every region of the country, except the four western provinces. A look at the