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Dispute between Canada and China puts the squeeze on western canola exports

A dispute coming to a head between China and Canada is threatening to put the western provinces’ $2.6 billion canola export industry through the wringer just as harvest starts to come in. After years of unsuccessful negotiations between China and Canada, western canola exporters face the possible loss of their second largest export market after

Vancouver’s bike share plan out of reach for low-income riders

As Mobi, Vancouver’s new bike sharing program, brings hundreds of new, shared bicycles into the city this summer, residents are finding a green, convenient and more affordable commuting option. High pricing and limited access for lower income people, however, could limit the program’s effectiveness. More than 600 cities around the world, including four eastern Canadian

Yellow Brick Road to the Podium: How Does Canada Fund Our Olympians?

Photo credit: marchello74/Shutterstock.com Canadian athletes are doing the country proud competing and winning medals at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But in the lead up to the games, many face another kind of competition – for dollars to help fund training in their sport. According to the National Post, Canada’s federal government invests about

Basic income idea wins backing of Alberta mayors

Sen. Art Eggleton came to Calgary recently seeking to build support for a basic income pilot project. Basic income, also known as a guaranteed annual income, would ensure Canadians have enough income to meet basic needs and avoid the stigma associated with receiving welfare. Eggleton told an audience of about 150 at Calgary’s Central Public

Governments slow to act on Vancouver’s housing bubble

In the past six years, the value of single-family homes in Vancouver has risen 75 per cent—to an average of $1.9 million. The housing price has jumped 37 per cent since May 2015, alone. Yet, the median household income during that period has hardly changed. Meanwhile, the personal debt level of Canadians is at record

Good riddance, 2015

It’s hard not to say “good riddance” rather than “goodbye” to a year like 2015. There were good moments, for sure, but plenty more reasons to make us happy to start afresh in 2016. Paris figured largely in the world psyche in more ways than expected. The Paris climate spectacular was expected; the tragic murder